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Gervais Monetizes Podcast, Listenership Plunges

by admin - February 21st, 2006.
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The Office auteur Ricky Gervais has been offering a free weekly podcast on The Guardian‘s website. Episodes have been intermittently funny, in a watered-down Derek and Clive sort-of-improvised, kind-of-naughty way.
Apparently the shows are incredibly popular, so Ricky has decided to distribute future shows as paid downloads (only) on Audible. Audible was a great idea about two years ago (and remains so if you like to download books on tape), but since most MP3/AAC freaks now firmly believe that Podcasts Should Be Free, I don’t see a great future for Ricky in this arena. So my “Listenership Plunges” headline is prophecy, not fact. What do you think I am, a journalist?
I’ve been wrong before. Remember, I was the one who said no one would ever listen to Joy Division because the drums were mixed too loud.
Oh, and sorry about the use of the word “monetize” in the headline. I think I’m moving over to the dark side, lingo-wise.

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