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Who First?

by admin - February 15th, 2006.
Filed under: brian eno, music.

Snapper first perfected the post-Neu/Harmonia keyboard drone later copped by Stereolab. Just sayin’.
As long as I’m keeping score of artrock influencers and influencees, please read this chapter as your homework assignment for Wednesday night. For extra credit, write a paragraph explaining who– two years before Eno and Byrne released Bush of Ghosts– put out an amazing record utilizing found vocals and world-spanning musical cross-hybridizations and stitched the whole kaboodle together with some luscious melodies and spontaenous composition.
For very extra credit, name the 1968 LP associated with the above mystery artist that predated Eno/Byrne’s 1982 “ethnological forgery.”

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