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Michael Brown Is Not An Incompetent, Underqualified Bureaucrat-Crony

by admin - February 10th, 2006.
Filed under: george bush, government, katrina.

He’s a bitchy, defensive, combative, incompetent, underqualified bureaucrat-crony. The FEMA/Katrina hearings are demonstrating this.
The hearings are also revealing that our President’s administration couldn’t (or wouldn’t) communicate in times of crisis. In an exchange with Robert Bennett, Michael Brown just implied that bothering to talk with Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff in the early hours of Katrina’s landfall would have been a waste of time.
Brown is getting reamed, as he should. And, naturally, the event is also a perfect opportunity for our Senators to grandstand their indignance on major broadcast media outlets.
Brown is making his case as best he can, but he needs to work on his presentation. Watching the hearings, I can’t help but note the man doesn’t have his sleeves rolled up.
[update: 8:53am PT]:
Oh, and he has a wry side, too:
“Unfortunately, he called me ‘Brownie’ at the wrong time– thanks a lot, sir.”

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