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by admin - January 24th, 2006.
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Social networking sites are finding large audiences via cultural niches; music is becoming one of the most popular categories by which folks like to connect. Fred Wilson illuminates some differences between two of the more popular sites, Pandora and Last.fm, and explains why he prefers the latter.
When my laptop drank too much wine a couple weeks back, I lugged an old G4 desktop of mine from cold storage and set it up in the corner of my kitchen. When the laptop dried out, I kept the desktop setup and added an external 250 gig hard drive to play music via iTunes all day, submitting the tracks to Last.fm. My user profile is here. It lists all the artists and songs that have been played over the past couple weeks.
There’s also a private internet audio stream available of the songs I’m sending to Last.fm on Nicecast; email me if you’d like the streaming URL.

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