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Celebrity Stalkings

by admin - January 24th, 2006.
Filed under: maggie gyllenhaal, small talk, tv.

If you live in New York and are even semi-famous, there’s a price to pay: the risk your puny daily movements may show up in the Gawker Stalker section of the column. In this installment, Six Feet Under‘s Claire, Lauren Ambrose, has a drunken-fratboy run-in at a karaoke bar. He can expect a foot in his locker on Monday for his trouble. In other news, Kirsten Dunst is witnessed [in possibly post-showered condition] sharing an ambiguous embrace with that Gyllenhaal guy, Paulina Porizkova cleans her plate like a good ex-supermodel, and Shalom Harlow is very tall and attends new-agey lectures. Fascinating.

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