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Na ‘Āina Kai

by admin - December 30th, 2005.
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kite futilityYesterday was tied for the hottest December 29th on record in Kaua’i (yes, 85 degrees, 65% humidity, no breeze), during one of the driest winters on record.
I chose this day for a five-hour “Wild Side” trek at Na ‘Āina Kai Botanical Garden.
A photo tour can be found here.
The garden is huge, taking up 240 acres on the makai side of Kilauea, south of the lighthouse. The property was owned by hardwood timber tycoons Joyce and Ed Doty. They’ve moved out of their rather spectacular home on a ridge overlooking the Pacific, set up a non-profit organization and opened the land to the public.
This is quite a story, considering it’s some of the most prime real estate on one of the most lucrative resort islands in the world. There are still over one hundred acres of teak, rosewood and other sustainable hardwoods being farmed on the property. Sales of the timber are plowed (so to speak) back into the gardens.
Bronze statuary is placed throughout the grounds. I bet this place is spookier n’ hell at night.
For more backround on Joyce and Ed Doty, check out this 2003 LA Times article.
Special thanks to botanist Marty Fernandes, who made this the most educational and informative garden tour I’ve ever taken. If she’s interested in hiring me to take care of the mounted orchids in the garden– some of the specimens were, um, shall we say, a bit dessicated– I’m more than available.

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