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Dark Lord Of All Things Leaky and Demagogic Leaves CNN/Patriot Act R.I.P.?/Bush OK’d US Wiretaps w/o Court Clearance

by admin - December 16th, 2005.
Filed under: cnn, fox, george bush, government, media, privacy, wonkette.

Good things come in threes:
Robert Novak will no longer carry conservative water on CNN.
Of course, sewage always seeks its own level.
Patriot Act doesn’t pass in Senate.
And while it’s not at ALL a good thing, it’s a good thing it’s come to light.
Scott McClellan’s press briefing this morning saw new heights of…McClellanism. Helen Thomas did her Amazing Tenacious Followup act and Scotty finally turned away and spat “does anyone have any questions? It was, like, awesome.

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