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Reliable Sources highlights 2/20/05

by admin - February 20th, 2005.
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powerlineblog.com’s John Hinderaker went off on a predictably hysterical rant against amerciablog.org‘s John Aravosis, who, while himself hyperventilating a tad, said all the right things. It’s interesting that Aravosis is called upon to contextualize (read: justify) the use of Gannon/Guckert’s gay hustler pics and screenshots from a somewhat sordid/funny array of Guckert-registered websites. Of course, Hinderaker doesn’t think that’s fair. Perhaps he’s envious because there was no similar photos of Dan Rather last fall?
No substantial mention is made of Guckert’s allegedly sinister past regarding the
Plame leak, etc.
In the second segment: Sometimes you just want to kiss that big lug Howie Kurtz for asking the obvious question:
“Do you find it strange, Matt Cooper, that you’re facing jail, and Robert Novak, the columnist and CNN commentator who originally published this leak two years ago isn’t, at least at the moment?”

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