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by admin - December 9th, 2005.
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There’s been some sort of quasi-apocalyptic event and the survivors are beginning to seek each other out. A biocatastrophe has resulted in roving bands of zombies who stagger through the landscape, attacking the unaffected.

There are two ways to render the walking dead harmless: behead them (as in “real life,” shotguns are the preferred method) or– get this– blow weed smoke in their faces. The latter actually cures them of their zombieism. The former just makes a mess. In this realm, bongs become life-affirming as they attain status as being as valuable as, well, high-caliber firearms.

The dream got ‘way better as it unfolded (hard to believe, I know) but I want to keep the rest under wraps. I plan to develop this into a screenplay [© 2005 Limahuli/Midheaven Reductions], so don’t get any ideas about stealing the concept, k?

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  1. must eat brains!!!!!

  2. I knew certain posters would be unable to withstand the temptation for munchies jokes.

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