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The Cars + Todd Rundgren = “New Cars”

by admin - November 26th, 2005.
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Those who know me might know me as an apologist for Todd Rundgren. Yes, it’s yet another of my adorable quirks.
Most Rundgren fans are loony (some endearingly so, some frighteningly) to some degree, so it’s always interesting to see how the faithful react to news about his career.
First, the story from Billboard:

Rundgren Steps In For Ocasek In New Cars

Next, Rundgren’s open letter from Roger Linder’s charmingly obsessive TR Connection:
Now That The Car Is Out Of the Garage
The subtext here is that Moogy Klingman, keyboardist for mid-70s-era Rundgren’s Utopia and on several early solo projects, has been dishing some mud on the TR Connection about the project. He seems to be a tad bitter that the Cars project has derailed any mythical Utopia reunion:
Utopian Letters to Awizard
When not dressing up for Bon Jovi videos (not as bad as slumming with the Cars, admittedly), Moogy apparently broods and pines for the glory days of Utopia and feeds ungracious quotes about Rundgren to hacks. It’s not pretty, but it’s oddly engrossing, in a gapers’-block car-crash kinda way….

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  1. jeez, youse guys. the eighties are over! pass it on!

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