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How I Spent My Past Three Sundays

by admin - October 30th, 2005.
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I’d rather be walking in the redwoods, but that will be the (eventual) reward. I hope.
The company that employes me purchased an XServe G5 and an XServe RAID a few weeks back. I work in wholesale sales and marketing and it’s pretty much Christmas right now, so the time available to set up, configure and maintain hardware is limited.
To Sundays, apparently.
Today I’m switching over our temperamental Filemaker Server 5.5 network to the system described in the links above. I will be making a sacrifice to the Apple enterprise hardware gods today (uttering incantations and tossing a tangerine iMac G3 off the second-floor fire escape, since you asked) and forging ahead. If you don’t hear from me by 7pm, send help.

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