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No “Justice Delayed” Puns Allowed

by admin - October 21st, 2005.
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Here’s a gloat-by-proxy post.

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  1. The mug shot was not as bad as folks were expecting. The thing to watch for now is DeLay Attorney Dick Deguerin’s strategy to “poison the well” in the Austin media market with negative storys along the lines of, “Earle is on a political witch hunt” or “the judge is biased because he gives money to MoveOn.” etc, etc..
    Deguerin’s hope is that one of 2 things will happen:
    1) A potential juror buys into this and swings to their side; and/or
    2) Necessitate a change of venue because it will be impossible to find an unbiased person in Austin who hasn’t followed this in the news.
    Check out my blog: Sector 7G

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