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Bush Press Conference & Today’s Speech | Bird Flu | McCain Amendment: 90-9

by admin - October 6th, 2005.
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CJR Daily continues to be my first read every morning.
Felix Gillette collects some blog-snark following the President’s news conference yesterday.
Edward B. Colby looks at Bush’s proactivity regarding avian flu and the media’s reaction to it.
Andrew Sullivan praises the McCain amendment after it passes the Senate. It’s sure to be vetoed by Bush, but can you believe it’s become necessary for Congress to write laws prohibiting “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” by our armed forces? Be sure to scroll down and read Colin Powell’s “screw you” to Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.
The continued bad press about Katrina and Iraq have Bush ratcheting up the rhetoric and going on the offensive. He was just on CNN, speaking on The Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism before the National Endowment for Democracy.
A few new tidbits were offered– he put a number (three) on the amount of Al Qaeda attacks within the US that had been foiled. He singled out Syria and Iran for hosting insurgents, but, of course, didn’t mention the ongoing U.S. failure to monitor the borders of both countries.
Most of the rest was the same old bluster of rationalizations and hollow rallying points; there was really nothing “significant” or “major” about it, despite White House pre-speech hype.
With Delay indicted and a Rove-Libby bombshell going off in the next two weeks– and, oh, a pesky story…something about a spy working in Cheney’s office?– Bush’s well-worn, wobbly rhetorical sleight-of-hand will continue to be in full effect.

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