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Late September Scorcard: Bush’s “Challenges”

by admin - September 28th, 2005.
Filed under: george bush, iraq, tom delay.

  • Iraq meltdown

  • Katrina/Rita/FEMA fallout
  • DeLay indictment
  • Frist investigation

  • Rove-Plame investigation
  • Consumer confidence figures lowest in 15 years
  • Consumer energy bills for winter ’05/’06 projected at 40% higher than last winter
  • Gas prices level out, still at all-time highs
  • Opinions of America abroad at all-time lows
  • Bush’s opinion polls at all-time lows
  • Bubbling Under: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, immigration policy, “death tax”/capital gains cuts, the death of social security reform…
    [update 2:44pm: oh, and this].

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