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Politicizing Death | FEMA Breakdown

by admin - September 10th, 2005.
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James Wolcott asks how many dead people is too many? Every death is an individual tragedy with a radius sorrow extending to friends, family, and coworkers–no one’s life should be reduced to a digit. But it foolhardy to ignore how the death toll (high or low) will be spun by conservatives, who have already begun twirling their tops.

Major newspapers boil down the FEMA mess: CJR Daily sorts them out in this Edward B. Colby entry.

reveals some interesting Brown facts. Job advice: don’t pad your resume, show up late for the disaster and lie repeatedly on national TV. It makes deniabilty less plausible and can hurt you in subsequent interviews.
Oh, and CNN.com still has that tawdry, exploitative “human interest” composite photo (see yesterday’s entry) at the top of its front page.

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