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by admin - August 29th, 2005.
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The inevitable parade of CNN soaking heads continues. Yes, as in other recent natural disasters, the studly media pros in and around New Orleans are doing their best to….well, sensationalize and cheapen the event. They’re even managing (no!) to make it boring.
And oh, is it still a human interest story when you’re talking about dolphins?

If you go to the Superdome and begin asking stupid questions, you have to expect that people might just give you the answer you deserve.

Stay Free!
says that Negativland’s Mark Hosler is reporting that folks in L.A. are spoofing American Apparel ads. You’d think that such parodies would be redundant, but no. Stay Free! is also linking to an early August truthout.org piece claming that AA shouldn’t necessarily be throwing stones.
Wonkette comments on a Washington Post article about ironic club culture in Brooklyn.
Maybe I’ve been living in San Francisco too long to be open minded, but I can’t imagine many people in L.A. wanting to leave home to attend any event in a “safe, non-sexual setting.”

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