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Stewart Meets Hitchens | Gloomin’, Doomin’, Noonan | Friday Fashion Don’ts

by admin - August 26th, 2005.
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Before I went out on a limb about this, of course, I wanted to wait and see what what Wonkette had to say about it:
“The thing about Christopher Hitchens is that no matter how wrong or drunk he is, he always sounds like he’s making sense.”
Ah, okay to proceed.
Last nights’ Daily Show Stewart/Hitchens match is viewable via a clip here [.wmv file courtesy Crooks and Liars].
Hitchens’ two most recent TV/radio debates were with Al Franken and Ron Reagan. Hitchens took them with a rhetorical hand behind his back. Hogtied, even. The Stewart encounter was nowhere near as one-sided.
Peggy Noonan tells us We’ll Be Sorry for all those base closings. James Wolcott casts our Ms. Peggy as the Chicken-Little demagogue she truly is.
Thank god it’s friday, for fridays bring Miami party photoblog Fashion Don’ts from Tale Of Two Cities. And it is good. It’s the weekend– hiptards, start your engines.

2 Responses to Stewart Meets Hitchens | Gloomin’, Doomin’, Noonan | Friday Fashion Don’ts

  1. I’m with you Paul, there’s no way that that was a tko for Stewart. it also appears that Hitchens was being polite to his host, so for my entertainment value, it was a pleasant and informative exchange, with a yuk-yuk thrown in here and there to keep Stewart’s show a “comedy” (viz his debate with those goons over at Fox).

  2. I’m wondering if Hitchens is feeling a bit off lately. He really didn’t seem On His Game that night with Stewart. I’m used to him being a bit more masterful in his polemics and presentation.

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