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Robertson According to Wolcott | Hitchens Broods? | Buchanan: U.S. May Attack Iran | Music Snobbery & the iPod

by admin - August 25th, 2005.
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James Wolcott’s blog boils down the Robertson/Chavez snafu: Pat’s the leader of the Christian Coalition, one of the nation’s largest and most powerful special interest groups. Belittling Robertson’s influence by painting him as a doddering and irrelevant fanatic is just disingenuous, or plain ignorant.

links to a New York Observer article on Christopher Hitchens.
There may be a tactical strike by the U.S. on Iran, claims Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative [link via Doug Ireland].
The iPod is both enabling and breaking down music snobbery, says this rather whiny piece in The New Republic [link from TMFTML].

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