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A Strangely Isolated Place

by admin - March 2nd, 2012.
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A Strangely Isolated Place is becoming a valuable destination for discovering music. ASIP posts mixes from producers, musicians and DJs a few times a week. In my two weeks or so of visiting the site I’ve learned about a some great artists. The site mainly deals with ambient, environmental and IDM genres but it has a refreshing approach to mostly-neglected, non-mainstream independent electronic/acoustic music in general. There’s an enthusiastic attitude towards low-key, underpromoted music that I love (the music AND the approach).

The Keith Kenniff “IDM mix” last week introduced me to Secede — Kennif’s Unseen Music label is well worth the time of anyone interested in quality modern mood/ambient music — and the Loscil and Sako mixes are lovely and informative, as well.

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