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“Total Mac” = Total Waste of Time

by admin - November 10th, 2011.
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So a moderately important computer at work– used by someone who needs to back up their computer more often– dies. Won’t boot. Power supply is dead.

We need it fixed quickly. I know standing in line at the Apple Store Genius Bar will mean probably a week’s turnaround while they send the thing in to be fixed.

I’d used Total Mac on Geary in SF a few years back for some data recovery and hard drive work. I call them.

“I have a white 20″ iSight iMac G5 with a dead power supply. Do you have them in stock, if so, how fast can you turn it around and how much would it be?”

Guy sounds distracted. “What model is it?”

I repeat the description. It’s a standard model, and Apple’s knowledge base calls it a “white 20″ iSight iMac G5″.

[pause on other end of line]

“Okay, let me me call in and see if I can get the part. What’s your number?”

I give him my contact info.

By 12:30 the next day: no return phone call. I call him back and give him the info again. (“I got a lot of stacks of paper here, can you remind me what you need?”) It’s obviously the same guy because he sounds like he’s had too much coffee, too little sleep, and maybe a little something to calm himself down.

“OK, yeah, I remember. Do you have a model number, or serial number, or anything?” I tell him it’s a standard model and repeat the description again. By now I realize I’ve lost a day because the guy didn’t insist on this info yesterday. And he never would have called me back.

I hang up and begin to psych up for the drive to the Walnut Creek Apple Store.

UPDATE (4:45pm PST)

I found a place on Market at Powell called Keane (formerly PowerBook Guy). The reviews (yes, I still despise Yelp) are good. I talked to a pleasant, responsive and efficient person on the phone. I lugged the iMac down there on BART and the same woman I spoke with on the phone checked me in, escalated the status of the job to “rush” (for an extra $50) and it looks like I may have the machine back by Monday.

Total Mac guy (inexplicably – I’d pretty much hung up on him) called back while I was at Keane and quoted me $275 parts and labor for the job. I ignored him.

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