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Novak Speculation Whirls | President Giuliani? | No, Not That Eon McKai | “Don’t Even Get Me Started On Podcasts…”

by admin - August 8th, 2005.
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Jay Rosen’s PressThink: Why Novak stormed off the set.

    Old Novak rules: sorry fellas, can’t talk. New rules: Novak chooses.

Wonkette: “Category: Robert Novak.”

Jeanette Walls’ MSNBC Gossip page
is not my favorite source of political speculation, but this is worrisome (or maybe it’s NOT):

    Rudy Giuliani is still eyeing the White House, says a source. “He was approached by some GOP leaders to gauge if he had any interest in running for Senate or Governor of New York or Attorney General, and he said no,” says a well-placed source. “He said the only position he’s interested at this point in time is president. Who knows what will happen between now and 2006, but for now, that’s what he’s thinking.”

David Dunlap Jr. compares and contrasts a straight edge legend and an alt-porn figurehead in this Washington City Paper piece. Thanks to Failed Pilot for the link.

StayFree’s blog
takes on Musical Attention Deficit Disorder. Not to sound jaded or nothing, but I was in therapy for this ten or twelve years before the iPod was invented. Just sayin’.

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