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“Internal Error” in iOS 5 Update

by admin - October 12th, 2011.
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Today I plugged my iPad 2 into freshly-downloaded iTunes 10.5 in order to upgrade the iPad to iOS 5.

After about an hour, with the progress bar around 10%, the upgrade/restore failed during the verification process due to “internal error”.

I rebooted the tethered computer and the iPad, and tried again.

The upgrade/restore failed again. Another hour gone.

Luckily — even though I got a “restore failed” message, the iPad seems to still be working via the older iOS.

From what I can tell, there’s a few unhappy users out there. One of the theories is that Apple’s servers are too busy to confirm the update properly, meaning they just return the failure message after choking during verification.

Whatever the cause, it’s apparent this update (considering how important/hyped it is) isn’t working for a lot of people.

UPDATE 3:34pm PT:

Third try crashed the iPad hard during restore, involving another reboot and a separate re-restore. Took nearly two hours to run the restore.

After it was done I finally had iOS 5 on my iPad. Total time for the process to successfully complete: about 5 hours.

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