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Speakeasy / Megapath

by admin - September 26th, 2011.
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I don’t post much anymore, but– well, for some reason…today I just feel compelled.

Speakeasy’s email blacklist problems have gotten so bad that att.com, sbcglobal.com, comcast.net and Yahoo have all banned most email coming from mail.speakeasy.net.

This means about 4 out of 5 emails sent get bounced as suspected spam.

Add to that Speakeasy’s laughably bad customer service; their motto should be “we’re never so bad that we can’t get worse.”

I used to be able to add domain email addresses with about 4 clicks on their webmin page.

Now I have to call someone, who opens a ticket, and get four confirmations that someone read the ticket, and then wait between two and four days to have the actual email address be created.

I can’t figure out if these people are sadists or just incompetent.

UPDATE: the email address was never added, and Speakeasy didn’t reply to ticket refreshes asking for progress. I switched all our email over to Rackspace the next day.

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