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or anyplace with more trees and less concrete


by admin - March 27th, 2011.
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I don’t necessarily believe this app sucks any more or less due to its 41 million dollars in VC funding. It may suck more because of the privacy implications– verified by looking at comments on the iTunes App Store and here.

There’s a few reasons I’m not going to download the app; my opinions are only based on reading descriptions of Color on tech blogs, as well as user comments. So my views aren’t based on direct user experience, but hey, if you want to give up the contents of your phone address book to a social photo app, don’t let me stop you.

The most potent reason this app could be annoying is that now, instead of relaxing and having a good time while in public places, users will have to concentrate on alternating between photographing their potential good time with a cellphone, then staring at their cellphones to research whether other nearby dorks are also photographing and sharing their potential good time.

There are already too many cellphone-fixated zombies in the Bay area, and any app that causes an increase in population in these tunnel-vision drones is a bad thing.

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