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Snow Leopard and iTunes 9

by admin - August 28th, 2009.
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Today customers began receiving their preordered Mac OS 10.6/Snow Leopard DVDs. There’s the usual round of problems and first impressions.

I’m more curious about the relationship between the Snow Leopard OS update and the rumored release of iTunes 9:

* Will the (presumably) free update of version 9 of iTunes be dependent on the user having the $29.00 10.6 system upgrade installed?

* If new iPods are announced on September 9th, will they have features that can only be tapped via iTunes 9?

* With all the Facebook paranoia currently making the rounds, will iTunes’ rumored social-networking capabilities have certain suspicious folks questioning the upgrade?

* Will I stop speculating long enough to actually try to enjoy my weekend?

[update/PS: For those keeping score at home, I'm not upgrading to Snow Leopard yet. I'll wait a week or four to see how bumpy the transition might be for early adopters. You're welcome].

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