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Wonkette On Coulter On Roberts | Speculative Cable-Mob & the Edith Factor | Roberts’ Role in FLA 2000?

by admin - July 21st, 2005.
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Wonkette’s Holly Martins examines Ann Coulter’s take on the Roberts nomination.
CJR looks back on recent speculative “efforts” by cable news networks and concludes with a festive CNN screenshot. I guess CNN couldn’t get a clip of the Taco Bell dog?
Digby is teasing us with this quote from Jeffrey Toobin’s book Too Close To Call:

    The president’s first two nominations to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia curcuit — generally regarded as the stepping-stone to the Supreme Court — went to Miguel Estrada and John G Roberts Jr., who had played important behind-the scenes roles in the Florida litigation.

Tantilizing, yes, but some details would be good.

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