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Roberts Nomination | Patriot Act Over-Extension | Waass On Rove

by admin - July 20th, 2005.
Filed under: columbia journalism review, george bush, government, harry shearer, karl rove, media.

Can the Roberts nomination media swarm knock Roveapalooza off the front pages? Dunno, but I have a feeling the reaction to the Supreme Court nominee will begin to resemble certain scenes from Citizen Ruth before the week’s over.
Bush is on CNN right now, trumpeting the extension of the Patriot Act. It’s a replay of the 2004 Presidential campaign: button-pushing fear, uncertainty, doubt. Oh, and heavy on the Freedom: “Ah appreeshate ya lettin’ me come by ta talk to ya ’bout the war on terra. This is gonna be a long war. But freedom will prevail.” It’s hard work, isn’t it, George?
Obfuscations, half-truths and lies: Murray Waass examines Rove’s alibi.
CJR condenses the Time and Newsweek cover stories this week.

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