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Speakeasy’s Extended “Issues” with Email Delivery

by admin - July 14th, 2009.
Filed under: complaining, how to alienate me, speakeasy, tech.

Today I noticed that most of my incoming email was date-stamped up to eight hours before I received it.

Actually, it’s now 3:30am and I just got an email from my girlfriend that was sent at 3:30pm yesterday.

I checked Speakeasy’s system status and no problems were being reported. I opened a support ticket on Speakeasy’s site at 10:45 last night and got this answer back within 20 minutes:

This is a known issue that is being resolved. As the server back logs are being cleared expect emails to continue trickling in. Currently, we expect the server backlog to clear in the next few hours. No emails have been lost, but as you’ve noticed, there have been some delays.

Yeah, I noticed. Nearly all my work email (and that of 20 employees at our office) was similarly delayed on a very, very busy Monday…and still showing up in my inbox up to 12 hours late on the following Tuesday. Speakeasy’s system status box still reports no problems.

It’s times like this when (again) I wonder if it’s prudent to have a company owned by Best Buy as your ISP.

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