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The curiously-named FasTrack

by admin - April 29th, 2009.
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I’ve been trying to sign up online for two days. After four attempts I think I’ll give up.

First attempt: can’t get past the “agree to these conditions” screen. I get a message saying too many users are trying to access the system. This goes on all Sunday night.

Today I logged in again and, mercifully, got past the problem screen. I fill in all the billing info, click ‘next,’ and am told my credit card info is wrong (after a 3 minute wait). I click the button that tells me to correct the info and find that I have to re-enter everything again.

I grit my teeth and do so. I click “next”.

Five minutes later I get kicked out of the system with a timeout message. Apparently my card hasn’t been charged, but there’s no way to determine that.

I decide someone has to politely inform these folks that their online ordering system sucks.

I go to the contact page and find no email contact, or way to get in touch with a web admin.

I decide waiting in line at the Bay Bridge tollbooths is slightly less frustrating than this.

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