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Facebook: Sucked In, Yeah

by admin - March 4th, 2009.
Filed under: blogs, small talk, twitter.

I don’t add new entries to this thing much anymore; Facebook has claimed more of my time. It’s easier to update and I have a captive audience.
I’m also not satisfied with Movable Type. My blog hosting service tells me my options are limited as to upgrading/design (let alone comments-spam filters) so until I can find an alternative, updates of these pages may not be as frequent as either of us would like. If you’d like to befriend me on Facebook, use the email link on the bottom left margin (“Me Me Me” section, “contact Paul”).
And while I have what’s left of your attention, can I just go out on a limb and say “screw Twitter”? I know I’m old, but goddamn, it’s annoying. I use it as a marketing tool for work (along with MySpace, Facebook, etc), but personally, the whole concept of it just plays into the clueless and self-absorbed narcissism that makes the internet and mobile telephony less fun everyday. I can think of about two or three people worth following on Twitter, and/yet the more I think about it, the less fun they are, too.

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