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by admin - March 4th, 2009.
Filed under: apple, tech.

I bought a glossy 15″ MacBook Pro last Fall. The only regret I have is the non-matte screen. I spend a lot of time on photo editing and the glossy/glassy screen makes the colors lickable, but isn’t good for color correction. I actually resort to plugging the 15″ laptop into an eight-year-old Viewsonic G810 when I feel Photoshop calling.
The new 17 inch MacBook Pro is very, very, very tempting, though. Up until yesterday I was seriously considering buying one primarily for Slingboxing TiVo from the living room to the bedroom. But I came to my senses, and the cheaper alternative will arrive tomorrow. Full report soon.
Which is not to say I still don’t crave some 17″ non-glossy OS X goodness, of course.

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