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MSNBC Isn’t News– Like Fox News, It’s An Advocacy Outlet

Friday, August 31st, 2012

MSNBC as Fox’s Liberal Evil Twin

Wind Map

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

“An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us– energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US.” Thanks to The Economist for the link.

“Christopher Hitchens: an impossible act to follow”

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Carol Blue remembers her husband.

Bernie Grundman on mastering

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

“Mastering engineer shares a detailed look at the process”

“Progressive” insurance

Monday, August 13th, 2012

My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court

Ana Marie Cox on the Ryan pick

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

“Mitt Romney’s Paul Ryan VP pick will be very popular – until it’s not.”

Fuck your wall manifesto

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

“In this house we overcompensate”.

“At some point shame needs to overcome arrogance and condescension”

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Stop, Counsellor Mike, you’re killing me.

Judith Crist

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012