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Big Sur Sees Light

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

After nearly a month, the fires in Big Sur are nearly contained. Fire officials have apparently won the war against the blazes, but apparently many locals believe a significant number of public relations battles were badly botched by fire management personnel. Many stories have come out of the event, some sad, some heroic. Big Sur’s [...]

Fog, Light and Flora

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

July 18th, 8:30am. Huddart Park.


Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Sometimes the combination of fog and sunlight in the morning can be magical.

Catching My Breath

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Around a week ago I unpacked my last box and went back to work at the office in San Francisco after five days off to move and regroup. I spent this week trying to get caught up at work and came home every night and appreciated my new surroundings. Tomorrow I meet Beautiful Housecleaners (yes, [...]

“whhat if my behavioral modifactkon medication is unbalanced…?”

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008


Settling In

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

And on the 12th day, the cat claimed half the lower tier of the greenhouse window. And it was good. It’s also really good to have friendly, open, trustworthy landlords who are sincerely happy that I’m happy. Praise be.

California Wildfires: Disaster or Mere Emergency?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

As Harry Shearer says, F is for FEMA.

Want To Buy Your Entire CD and Downloads Collection All Over Again…On Blu-Ray DVD?

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Neil Young isn’t very good at being coy.

Moving, Comments

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

I’m moving about 90 seconds south of where I currently live. As is my wont, I’ll be packing, loading and unloading a pickup truck daily/nightly over the next couple weeks, just to spread out the pain. And when I say “spread out”, I mean “prolong,” of course. Due to the relocation/siege I may not be [...]

Nepenthe Webcam Screen Captures Over the Past 13 Days

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

The image at left is a screen capture from the Nepenthe Restaurant deck webcam showing a helicopter dropping water as the fire descended the ridge towards the Henry Miller Library on June 25th. Here’s a larger, more detailed photo. An update on the situation at the library (and Henry Miller’s former residence, nearby) is here. [...]