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i’d rather not be at MacWorld

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

I can find out all I need to know at various sites, right? And avoid the crowds. There’s something about the attendees at a MacWorld Expo exhibit hall that reminds me of Home Depot. That glazed look, the screw-you-outta-my-way attitude. Mac mini: Okay. This is for people who wouldn’t ordinarily buy a Mac– for switchers. [...]

It’s cold and rainy and

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

It’s cold and rainy and foggy and getting dark. My back and shoulders and neck hurt. There’s a deserted beach somewhere on the north shore of Kaua’i with my name on it. Heck, I’d settle for an anonymous beach. Instead I’m here in an overheated, drafty office wearing too many layers of clothes, sitting next [...]

a bad judge of edge

Monday, January 10th, 2005

Desperate Housewives. At first I thought it was a middlebrow-edgy, cartoony ripoff of American Beauty (itself a cartoony ripoff of Blue Velvet) and Six Feet Under. I figured, however, it would be worth watching for a ever-lovely, lid-lifted Teri Hatcher and the amazing Felicity Huffman– she of Bill Macy spousehood, yes– and the first half [...]