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Another Side of Harry Shearer

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Bass player.

“Recovery: The New Black”

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Harry Shearer doubts some of those green shoots.

Shearer, McKean, Guest – Unwigged and Unplugged

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

This SF Weekly blog entry is almost like being there, minus (thankfully) the aging, drunk fanboy behind us screaming and W00Ting and shouting at the stage. Oh, and Shearer was also playing an electric 5-string bass. Not to be pedantic. Or anything.

Harry Shearer Gets Love from cnn.com

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

CNN.com trumpets Shearer’s MyDamnChannel.com.

Tim Russert’s Epitaph

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

When I think of Tim Russert, I’ll remember him as someone who spent the past 30 years leaking information to Bob Novak. Thanks to Harry Shearer for pointing this out in last week’s Le Show.

Burma/Myanmar Human Rights Abuses

Monday, October 1st, 2007

George Bush is desperate for some trace of a legacy and knows people no longer listen when he lectures on Iraq. So he’s latched onto recent outrages in Myanmar. It’s nice that George can finally find time to muster some lip service on the subject, but what’s going on in Myanmar isn’t new, and, compared [...]


Monday, May 28th, 2007

When Harry met Al G.

Gaps, Gaps, Gaps

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

The eldest among us may remember that notorious 18.5 minute gap in Nixon’s “Watergate Tapes.” Folks examining email records from the fired-prosecutors affair are now asking about a 16 day gap. The real, ongoing gap is one of credibility. Not to be confused with other comedic Gaps.

Our Long National Nightmare Was Over…

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

…not because Ford wanted us to move on, but because the rat who caused it was Ford’s buddy.

Harry Shearer: “Judith Regan And Me”

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Just because you have a persecution complex doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Actually, in this case, though…