Farthest South “Spheres & Constellations” (FarSouthWest Records) CD/DL

artwork-1024x1024Yair Yona has a studio in Tel Aviv*. He and his fellow members of Farthest South prefer just to hit “start” and begin playing. And playing. If they like it, they release it. The latest result is Spheres & Constellations.

Your mileage may vary, but I don’t recommend listening to this while driving. It’s more the kind of thing to play at 4am when you wake up to get a drink of water and sit there trying to decide if it’s worth trying to go back to sleep. It’s chilly, the dawn has not yet dawned, and the darkened room seems to have a flicker of ozone a foot or two below the ceiling.

Yes, it’s time for Farthest South.

This is space music. These aren’t so much songs as they are extended cosmic mood pieces. The sound is slow-moving, beat-less and heavily synthesized, with sustained drones, tweaked white noise, and analog keyboard pads. Spheres & Constellations reminds me of the shorter transition segments between the more melodic parts of mid/late-seventies Tangerine Dream albums like Rubicon, Phaedra or Stratosfear…except stretched out to about 35 minutes. Yeah, it’s that good.

2014 will bring the next Farthest South release, entitled Blind Spots & Dogmas. I’m sure it’ll be worth saving a few early mornings for.

Podcast & short piece covering instrumentation on Spheres & Constellations

* Correction – I’ve learned this release wasn’t recorded at Yona’s studio. Apologies for the error.

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