PS Audio Bridge is bricked by new DirectStream

I ordered and received a PS Audio DirectStream last week.

I grabbed my old PerfectWave Mk II with Bridge, ran a firmware update on the latter, pulled the card out of the Mk II and slid it into the DirectStream. Booted it up.

No dice. Bridge not recognized, IP not showing up on web browser or Fing. JRiver doesn’t detect it.

I removed the Bridge card and put it back in the Mk II. It wasn’t detected there, either. Rebooted everything. Nothing.

I began to worry.

I put the card back in the DirectStream and rebooted. I finally got the Bridge menu to show up on the DS by using the remote.

Multiple attempts at keying in a static IP failed.

I resorted to another firmware upgrade attempt — the screen on the DS read “FINDING BRIDGE” for over an hour. I finally aborted and rebooted, then discovered the Bridge has lost its IP and reverted to DHCP. Reconfiguring a static IP found the same thing happening – network indicator was red after saving the config, and Bridge still wouldn’t show up on browser or Fing; multiple attempts at keying in IP info were fruitless — it disappeared when input was changed.

I’ve removed the SD card and rebooted the DS and network numerous times. Still no luck. I downloaded
“DirectStream Bridge Rescue” from PSA’s support page onto a USB stick, rebooted, waited an hour, no luck.

Did it again. Same luck.

I’ve emailed PS Audio support with no response.

UPDATE February 6th: Heard back from PS Audio support and they asked me to send the Bridge card to them for warranty service. More soon.

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