PonoMusic World Software Update

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.27.50 PMThere’s been an update of the PonoMusic World application, the software that’s necessary if you want to download music from the Pono Store.

The update takes the PMW desktop application from its initial 20.0.35 build to v20.00.42, then .44, and then (I assume this is a recent, non-stable build?) 20.00.45.

What does this mean? Here’s two threads on the JRiver Pono forum (see top two sticky posts; the change logs below refer to the Mac version):

    20.0.45 (12/8/2014)

    1. Changed: More informative message in the case of download failures.
    2. Fixed: File transfers to PonoPlayer were much slower than doing it via Finder.

    20.0.44 (12/5/2014)

    1. Fixed: Automatic recognition of PonoPlayer was not always reliable, especially if there was a long delay before user clicked the ‘transfer files’ button on it.
    2. Changed: More informative status text in the firmware download action window.

    20.0.42 (12/4/2104):

    1. Changed: Check for orders at program startup will only occur if PMW already has username and password stored.
     2. Fixed: If download process was canceled by user and then restarted later in the same program run, the list would still show the canceled tracks above the currently downloading ones.
     3. Changed: Improved store login flow and messaging.
     4. Fixed: Converting an audio file would carry the Pono authenticated status with it.
     5. Changed: Only formats supported by Pono will be listed in the encoder choices.
     6. Fixed: The program could become quite slow and unresponsive during file transfers to the PonoPlayer device.
     7. NEW: The “Eject” button in the handheld transfer action window blinks for up to 30 seconds following file transfer completion.
     8. Changed: Cmd-Q now works properly for exiting the application.
     9. Changed: Holding the Control key while clicking the left mouse button now works correctly for bringing up the context menu (right-click menu).
     10. Changed: We now use the “login.salesforce.com” call to get the sessionid and the soap web service url.  Removes need for hard coded web service endpoint.
     11. Fixed: A couple of retina display issues.

The mount and unmount process now seems more stable and reliable. There’s still a rather rigid order by which the processes should be initiated, but I’m not getting the long Finder hangs as often.

Next time: I attempt to buy music from the Pono Store and transfer it to my Player.

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